Auto Injury FAQ

Who will pay for my medical bills at Town and Country Chiropractic and will I get stuck with a bill if the insurance company denies the coverage?

The at fault auto insurance generally covers your treatment and massage therapy here. Your visit to the emergency room may also be covered by them. You do not need health insurance or cash to be treated here. Just bring yourself. We usually have everything we need and will file the paperwork and set the claim up for you. You just need to concentrate on getting better. The doctors here have a policy that if the auto insurance company denies your claim that they will not send you to collections. Basically you have  no risk to come to our office since we will verify the auto insurance before you start treatment .In most auto wreck cases the at fault auto insurance pays the medical bills at our practice, so you have no out of pocket expenses such as a co-pay or deductible.

 If there's no at fault insurance company as in a hit and run, then you can use the driver of your vehicles uninsured motorist portion (if available) to get treatment here. The uninsured motorist portion of the auto insurance will act like the at fault insurance company and you are eligible for all your benefits generally. 


How does Town and Country Chiropractic help?

We will document your injuries to let the insurance company know the full extent of your injuries from the accident. If you lost time from work we will provide you with a work excuse so the insurance company may be able to reimburse you for the days of work missed due to your injuries. Howevever, Our main goal is to treat the injuries you suffered and help guide you to a full recovery.


Do I need permission from the insurance company or my primary physician to come here?

Absolutely NOT!!! Insurance companies are not suppose to dictate if you need to seek medical treatment or not. They are not physicians and may not have your best interest in mind for you. It is best for your health and you to consult and be examined by a doctor directly here. You do not need permission from the insurance company or a referral from your family doctor.


Should I wait to see if my injuries go away? I feel better than I did right after the accident?

Never, your injuries may go away for a little while , but they may start to fester and come back even worse later on. By the time your injuries return it may hinder your recovery greatly as well as the insurance company may consider you have too much gap in your treatment and deny your claim/coverage.


Before I come to my appointment will I be required to have an attorney and/or is it best that I have an attorney before I come in?

Our office strongly recommends an attorney but it is not necessary to have one before you come in for your visit. Most attorneys won't accept a case unless you have injures. So it makes more sense to seek medical attention first to see if you have an injury claim before speaking to an attorney.


What is my next step?

Call our office today at (614) 238-1111 for an appointment and a FREE CONSULTATION if you have been  involved in car accident You can also schedule on our online scheduling service located on this page. Please bring your promo code 'website free consult" to get your free service.

TRANSPORTATION is available if you can't provide it for yourself.


Free consultation is for only for non-fault car accident victims. Promo code "website free consult" must be written on your intake registration on your initial visit  to receive a free consult.